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Chris is an Amazing Instructor! He’s patient & highly knowledgeable. We highly recommend JSMA!! We have a great time, all while getting Fit, Stronger & Equipped both Spiritually, & prepared in self defense. I’m not coordinated at all but Chris can teach anyone, even me. We love it there. I’m excited to get our children involved, and away from electronics. Thank you for everything that you do to Love & Serve others!

Sarah, Syracuse NY

I have been doing Jesusstrong Martial arts since it opened. I highly recommend it for everyone that wants just get in better shape or learn martial arts. maybe both! I have had a lot of fun and the teammate's are all fantastic. Just do it!!

Danny, Cicero NY

If you are looking for an alternative to the more expensive karate institutions in the area look no further than JesusStrong Martial Arts. A blend of traditional karate and christian values gives a double edged sword of learned skills and values for your children and a nice calming stress reliever for an adult.  Give them a call today and see about becoming Jesus Strong!

Dusty, Cicero NY

My son has really enjoyed this class. He usually gets frustrated when learning something new like this and wants to give up but he has felt welcomed, and supported here. He is excited to go back every week. He is building skills and confidence that will hopefully transfer to his everyday life.

Diantha, Central Square NY

Jesus Strong Martial Arts is absolutely amazing and I recommend anyone who enjoys the holy spirit and martial arts to give it a try. What else can I say, the power of the lord , teaming up with martial arts is a win win!

William, Bridgeport NY

I just did one of Chris and Liz’s AMP classes! Great energy! JesusStrong is a must try!! Chris is wonderful with his students!

Beth, Cicero NY

Great vibes and solid teaching. Kids program is outstanding and fun. If you want good roots solid teaching with great Biblical insight. This is the place!

Glen, Fulton NY

If you're interested in Martial Arts that relates the art to God's Word, Jesus Strong Martial Arts is the perfect place to be.

Allison, Utica NY

A great dojo that is biblically based and has a love for all forms of martial arts. It is refreshing to be able to train both my body and my mind, using traditional martial arts and a Jesus centered approach to tackle all the things life may throw at you.

It is the perfect family environment to share my love of martial arts and train with my Children.

Tim, Hannibal NY

We love JSMA for our 6 year old! He absolutely loves going to classes and is making some great friendships! Renshi and Sensai (instructors) do a wonderful job incorporating home behaviors into their classes and lessons, really supporting what our family needs! I love the Bible verses and lessons that build his faith and spirituality while challenging him physically to be the best he can be! It is a very supportive, character building environment and you can't beat their affordable price! We would recommend for children of any age!

Elizabeth, Cicero NY

Great people, wonderful warm environment where newcomers feel welcomed, who quickly become a part of this family atmosphere created by the owners! A geat team and fun experience while learning karate!

Angela, Fulton NY

JSMA is the best dojo around! Both of my boys love it here. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive. My 6 year old who is autistic, has always been so afraid to do sports until we came here. No matter your experience, Renshi is able to teach you in the best way possible. The kids get to learn martial arts and about Jesus at such an affordable price which is amazing for many families. I highly recommend checking them out!

Sarah, Phoenix NY

Signing my kids up for JSMA was the best decision! You will feel like a family here while learning new skills. Chris and Caitlin are both wonderful people.

Joshua, Phoenix NY

Thank you from Daisy Troop 10007 for the amazing class you hosted for them for free tonight! they had an amazing time and everyone was so good with our kindergarten troop!

Misty, Central Square NY

These guys are great . So little back ground I'm a mma fighter and kickboxer I went to a fight I was booked for well as luck would have it I was an independent fighter until jsma team showed up they helped get my hands wrapped for my fight and even got me warmed up . Then they added me to their fight team and cornered me for my fight . I'm so grateful to them went and trained at their dojo nice place and very welcoming to all .

Jon, Elmira NY

JSMA Currently has a 5 Star Rating on both Facebook and Yelp!

My family has been going to JSMA now for a while, so I now feel I can give an honest review of this amazing dojo. The vast amount of knowledge between all the instructors gives you such a pool to draw from. They not only know their craft, but they teach it with passion and kindness. They teach practical application and functional techniques, but at the same time they don't leave out the fun things that challenge us to higher levels as well as test us physically to do better. Physical teaching is not were they end either. They constantly reinforce the need for mental control, awareness and the strong foundation of a spiritual moral code grounded in Jesus Christ. I have found that this is the heart of the dojo, to be a warrior for Christ regardless of your reason or direction the martial arts takes you. They don't just peddle scriptures and the bible like so many others do just to get students in the door. They have a genuine interest in the growth of all their students, which makes them a premier place to learn. The cost is minimal compared to the huge gains you will achieve by having JSMA Templar Dojo a part of your life.

Daniel, Adams NY

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